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Billard – Harald Rumpf

Heute, am allerletzten Tag, habe ich die Ausstellung “Billard” von Harald Rumpf im Gasteig / München besucht. Er stellt die Stadt und seine Gesellschaft in den 80ern dar. Das hat viele Erinnerungen ausgelöst – insbesondere die typischen Charatere aus dieser Zeit….

Ich habe gleich heute die Seite von Harald Rumpf besucht und über seine Crowdfunding Kampagne für das zur Ausstellung gehörende Buch gelesen.


Jakob Aue Sobol

Also seen on the Magnum Manifesto works from Jakob Aue Sobol (at Magnum). Really strong, touching and critical B/W photography….

The Photobook galery has been spun-out from Goodtransfer in Munich. It is a great place to go and enjoy unique photobooks and exhibitions.

“The Maze” > “K501 – Stille”

As previously mentioned, I have visited the “Magnum Manifesto“.

One element of the exhibition remembers me to “Stille” by Jens Edinger, seen in the GoodTransfer Gallary: It is about the project “The Maze” by Donovan Wylie.

Irma Boom

Unfortunately I have never seen her works … simply her webpage is fascinating for me…


Arts? … my Instragam!

while traveling through a city or just commuting to my office, courious things and items can be observed. Sometimes, I’m posting them here – on Instagram


Those cure porks have been observed in the shopping window os a butcher on Vikualienmarkt in Munich

MAGNUM Manifesto

….pasing through the transfer tunnel from U3 to U4 at the U-Station Odeonsplatz / Munich the promotion of the following exhibition touched me….


The Exhibition “Magnum Manifesto” is ongoing at Versicherungskammer Bayern in Munich. The free exhibition is ongoing and shows a wide cross section about the Mangnums history and typical artist works in small sets of photos including hints to previous exhibitions or media.

The exhibition gave me some good ideas for my own arts projects. Let’s see…


Arts, I have explored: ‘Museum Tomi Ungerer”

Last weekend, I have visited the “Museum Tomi Ungerer” in Strassbourg/France. Is is located in a fancy moderniced old villa near the city center. Easy to visit within~ 1-2hr.

There are ~3 exhibitions with works from Tomi Ungerer and other caricaturists – this time from Thomas Nast “Uncle Sam”

–> Worth to see!


Artists, I have explored: Tomasz Laczny


I just got back from Munich’s first photo book gallery “good transfer“. There, I’ve found an outstanding photo book from Tomasz Laczny – “40/place which does not exist “

A book about refugee camps in Afrika. The book contains B/W photos kept constantly in high contrast, relatively dark with strong expression. The book is made in high quality fine art print with a unique haptic.

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...the hub to on [OOM] and my blog about arts and museums I have explored

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...the hub to on [OOM] and my blog about arts and museums I have explored

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...the hub to on [OOM] and my blog about arts and museums I have explored

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...the hub to on [OOM] and my blog about arts and museums I have explored